Prada Lookbook 2010

A major aspect that I’ve learnt whilst studying Vis-Com is that a lot of people don’t realise it’s importance. Most of the time discussing Vis-Com to someone who studies Business or Science would be like trying to convince the most right-wing voter to vote with the left, there’s just no point. I remember one time I was at a career market telling the girl representing the Law faculty that the entry mark to get into design was the highest in UTS. She looked at me and didn’t understand how her supposed ‘high-brow’ Law degree was easier to get into than design.

So how does all this rambling relate to Prada? I really liked the aesthetic of these images. For me it wasn’t so much about the actual clothes being marketed but rather an appreciation for the graphic designer who put this all together. It reminds me of last year when a girl studying Fashion was desperately asking any Vis-Com student in the computer labs to help compile her lookbook for her end of year line. She didn’t know that she needed a masthead for her label, or that the pagination of the lookbook was going to be crucial to how it was printed, she didn’t know that printing it on Supergloss was going to make it look trite.

Anyway this all interests me because I’ve realised I  love the interdisciplinary nature of design.  I think that really showed for me last year when everyone would name drop their favourite graphic design magazines whereas I would be more inspired by the likes of  Wallpaper and V Magazine. If i were to stay in Graphic design i would get so bored so I need to keep up my interests in the other fields of design to keep my sanity. I’m inspired so much more by the likes of Zaha Hadid or Alexander McQueen than someone like David Carson (yuck)


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