Pop Magazine

Today i grabbed the new issue of POP magazine which is based around the integration of augmented reality with the print medium. I think the marriage between the two is actually very interesting as AR is very much interactive media based which is the area of design I’m interested in. The magazine highlighted the significant trend of print heading into the digital realm and how fashion/design magazines are immune due to the tangible nature of their pages. However, despite this it pointed out that it must utilise the new technologies at hand to improve the entire experience and hence it’s play with AR for this issue.

The concept really fascinates me .. for some reason every idea I’ve been thinking of for my major work has involved photography and print (which believe me is not my strongest medium by far) so to see a working example which ties the possibility of print,interactive media as well as web/social media working together is very very exciting.

I’ve attached a video of me playing with the AR Abbey-Lee article below. (Ok so i realise this will be the 2nd Abbey-Lee post in so many days BUT it’s for good reason.)


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