A Missed Flight

So i’m going to confess right now that I missed my flight to Austria. To kill the 7 hours I have till boarding im going to recap what I got up to in London in the past week.

Saturday – I arrived in the early morning to a chilly London where I was met my aunty. We took the bus from the airport to her flat in Harrow&Wealdstone where I put my luggage down and fell asleep, exhausted from the flight. In the evening we drove out further North-West to Milton Keynes as my aunty was DJ-ing for a Filo Valentine’s Day party.

(Crispy Seaweed)

Sunday – I slept in and recovered from my jetlag as we headed into London city at the night travelling from Oxford St through Piccadilly Circus and into Leicester Square. As it was Chinese New Year, we had dinner in Chinatown which was absolutely packed with people!

(Darjeeling Tea & Sparkling Water)

Monday – A bit more relaxed, we all woke up pretty late so we went locally to Harrow-On-The-Hill shops which was like a mini mall before I met up with Laurens and his friend Harry for some drinks in Shoreditch where Jack the Ripper first Ripped and Dinner in Brick Lane where there were all these Bengali/Indian men haggling us to come eat at their restaurants! Think Kings Cross bouncers who ask you to come see the strip shows..except for Indian food!

(Waiting For A Bus Outside Brent Cross Shopping Centre)

Tuesday – Woke up pretty early to go to Brent Cross shopping centre which did not compare to the Westfield London in Shepherd’s Bush which was like WBJ’s but had a better ceiling. Here i caught up with an old friend Joey who’s moved to London and worked in the centre.

(Inside London Westfield)

(Nice Window Display-Forgot what store it was for)

Wednesday – For some reason I was so sleepy and slept in till 4pm. I headed out in the night to crash at Joeys place in Hammersmith before we went out for a drink in a gay pub in SoHo (Of course i got drunk off like 2 drinks)

16th February 2010

London is amazing! It’s completely exceeded any of my expectations for it. It’s funny because for pretty much all my life I loved growing up in the Australian summer and hated the Winter but it’s completely reversed, I really love how cold it gets here. I should also mention the photos have all been taken using the Digital Harinezumi that Zak gave me as a farewell present, which is so damn amazing! It’s practically meant to emulate what you would expect with shots from an analog camera , except it’s their first Digital edition.


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