In Transit

So i spent close to 24 hours in transit due to missing my flight. I was stranded in London Stansted airport for 12 hours just waiting for the next flight to Munich and came to realise airports are not exactly the most fun places in the world ahah. I used to love the idea of airports and I guess if you’re just visiting it’s fun and all but when you’re in the situation where you have to stay there for a long period of time it can be hell. Although i guess, give me a couple of months and I’ll actually be glad I did the whole sleeping in the airport thing.

So my plane was late to arrive into Stansted which was a good thing because the later i arrived into Munich, the less time I would have to spend there. I arrived into Munich at 10pm at night and purchased my train ticket to Austria for 6:11am so had a further 8 hours to kill. I explored the airport a bit and found a 24 hour McDonalds which served DAIM McFlurrys!

So i got a Mocha and some chocolate cake (which i could only get through half of) and setup camp as usually there’s free Wi-Fi in McDonalds. After finding out there wasn’t i just went back to the terminal and slept on the lounge till my train arrived in the morning.

Still paranoid about the day before, I made sure i got to the train with enough time for error. Thanks to the help of a Filipino woman (THANK GOD FOR FILIPINO WOMEN) i found the right train and carriage and enjoyed the 4 hour train ride into my town of Bregenz, Austria.


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