Guten tag Dornbirn!

Well my first impressions of Dornbirn was how drastically different it was from Sydney, which – after the initial shock, I reminded myself was the whole point of this experience. I was picked up at the train station by my exchange officer who took me to my dorm room  which is on the 4th level of the building.

This is the view i wake up to every morning, everytime i get a little sad or homesick I just look out the window and remind myself how priceless this is and how fortunate I am to be even seeing this.

I immediately set up camp placing the farewell presents in front of me to remind me of you guys back in Sydney. I ventured out to make my room a bit more homely and came across 1) the Chinese restaurant in the city and 2) the ‘Aldi’ equivalent for the town.

It was actually pretty funny when I was in Lidl because i had a whole trolley full of stuff but then when I went to checkout and had all my items scanned I tried to pay with my Mastercard and the attendant only spoke German and was trying to tell me that it wasn’t going to work because they didn’t accept Credit Cards (stupidly, I had already read this in my Introduction sheet but I still was foolish enough not to believe it!). It was a pretty Lost-In-Translation moment which resulted in me going to an ATM outside to withdraw money and then removing all my items back out of the trolley to be scanned again. I really need to learn some German…


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