El Greco & Funken Celebration

We had quite a late night last night hanging out at the other dormitory and clubbing in Dornbirn (which surprisingly had really good music – think Club 77 back in the day with the dirty electro) So today I slept in fairly late and had brunch before we went out to a Greek restaurant just up the road with most of the Exchange students.

We decided to order the 4 person menu because it was easier than reading the menu (which was in German so none of us could really understand it) For most of the other students it was their first time to have Greek food which was interesting as I came to realise how lucky we are in Sydney that we pretty much have a restaurant for every cuisine.

We got an entree salad plate with tzatziki and then the second plate was a tomato rice & french fries plate. Finally, the mains came out and wow so much food on a plate! It was here that I realised why it’s so easy for people to get Euro Fat, there are so many carbs in everything! So i made sure i didn’t over-eat on instruction.

The dessert plate then came out which was delicious! It had banana, kiwi fruit, apples, some sort of cake and ice cream which was sprinkled with chocolate sauce and cinnamon.

I thought the dessert plate was the end of the meal but then the waiter came out with another plate of ouzo shots! It tasted a lot like licorice – so it was similar to Absinthe or Sambuca. It was strong but not too strong that I felt drunk at all (maybe from all the food I ate) After dinner we headed down the road to see the Funken celebration which pretty much involve the burning of wood and a huge witch statue which was almost a perfect way to spend a cold evening.


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