Just one of the Espanols

Last night we went to the other dormitory because the Espanols (the 2 girls from Spain, girl from Mexico and the 2 Costa Rican’s) offered to cook us all a Spanish feast. They did one the other night as well but I fell asleep and missed it so this was round 2. I’ve really taken to the Spanish speaking exchange students to the point that they’ll turn to me and start speaking Spanish before they realise I actually can’t understand them!

We dropped all the ingredients on the table and most of the boys started drinking while they got to work. I was really curious as to what they were making/how they were making it so i decided to help them a bit.

It’s very similar to Filipino food because of the Spanish influence in our culture so for me it was kind of like home (Although it was no Sinigang or Adobo) I spent some time asking them how similar our languages was as I knew there were many similarities like how we say days, the time and other small words.

The whole point of the night was that they were going to make us corn tortillas but the corn flour here is a lot different to what they expected and so when that fell through luckily they had packet-ready tortillas which they just heated in the oven.

And that’s what we ate! It was so delicious. I made the guacamole which you can see on the bottom right hand corner of the first picture! It was different to the type I’m used to as they first chop up onions, squeeze lime juice over it (which they told me cooks the onions!) and then put the mashed avocado with it. Afterwards we all just played foosball or cards. Foosball is actually really addictive! I’m probably the worst player out of everyone but it’s so much fun!


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