We were meant to go to the mountains today but because the winds were too strong (120km/h) it was cancelled. Now in Dornbirn nothing is open on Sunday – it’s literally a ghost town because they actually like to enjoy Sunday as their rest day. Now for 20 something Exchange students this was not good news. So we decided to visit the capital of Vorarlberg – Bregenz. (It’s so weird to think that I’m in a state of Austria because the state is literally the size of Sydney ..  so when I say we visited the capital in Sydney lingo it’s like saying “I’m going from Bondi to the City”)

It’s so beautiful here because no matter where you are you can always see mountains.

We finally arrived to Bregenz and as I said it was like a ghost town because all the shops are closed (although the restaurants are still open) which was actually kind of nice because we had it to ourselves – though I’m sure it’s actually not even that busy during the week.

What I initially noticed was the architecture of the city. The buildings are still very much the same as I imagined they would’ve been in the Medieval era. To the north of the town is actually a closed in city so it still follows a cobble stone path and at the end of the path is a walled-in town which houses these buildings right out of the Medieval era but parked outside are Audi’s, BMW’s and Mercedes Benz’! I forgot to mention that where I’m staying almost everyone drives either these brands! I’m in the wealthiest part of Austria so it’s just crazy seeing all these beautiful cars everwhere.

The latter part of the day was spent beside the Bodensee (Lake Constance) which has Switzerland to the West and Germany to the North. In summer apparently people swim in the Lake (and even skinny dip?) but the water didn’t look that good – or maybe because it was cloudy it just didn’t look good. It was beautiful nonetheless and good to finally see some water! I think what we really take for granted in Sydney is how close it is to the beach and how good the beaches are! I’m really craving that blue sky/gold sand !

We finally made our way around the lake to the Bregenz Theatre where the sun finally decided to come out to play. This is the floating theatre which is in use during the Bregenz Festival in July and here Opera’s are performed in the Summer Open air against the water. It was really amazing and as  you can see very large! It’s a shame I’m going to miss it though as I’ll be gone from Austria by the time it’s on.


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