Milan – Day

The beginning of this trip was full of dramas. When we went to the station to try and book the ticket we were served by a fucking rude attendant that kept telling us to buy this special 39 euro ticket. He then told us we couldn’t catch the train on the 12th because there was a strike. After explaining to him several times that I wanted to catch an earlier train through Zurich he told me it was more expensive and that I should just buy the 39 euro ticket. While deliberating what to do he then told the guy behind us to come to the counter and started serving him! W.T.F !

So we went back to the dorm and then after some browsing and with the help of google translator I found out the strike only started at 12 midday and if I caught the train through Zurich i could escape it as I would arrive at 10am. We returned (this time to be served by a different attendant) who clarified that we could travel on the 12th .. the strike warning just meant delays were to be expected. He even calculated the ticket to be cheaper than quoted by the original guy. I was so angry! I hate bad customer service.

Anyway I woke up at 5am (yes I did it! Actually the only reason i was able to woke up was my drive to watch the Lady Gaga Telephone video clip which just got released ahah) and made my way to the station with Saku. The other 3 guys were coming from the other dormitory so we waited for them. The morning was a bit crazy because we had to change about 3 trains with little time to spare. We finally got onto the last train from St. Gallen to Zurich which was going to take an hour. The train had a huge 10 minute delay which was bad for us because we only had 15 minutes till the train from Zurich left for Milan. We got off the train and bolted to the platform only to find the train had left! It’s so funny in these circumstances because you have to really stop and forget what happened and try to fix the problem. So we went to the information desk who told us we could just refund the ticket and get the next train – PHEW.

We finally left Zurich at around 11 and got into Milano Centrale Stazione at 3PM.

In awe of the station we finally headed outside to book our return ticket back to Austria (for some reason we couldn’t book it back in Dornbirn?) After we booked our ticket’s we took the subway into the Duomo which Adrian had researched was the city centre of Milan and from there Evelyn told us to catch a tram which took us to her place.

The Duomo is pretty much this HUGE cathedral in the centre of the city which is absolutely beautiful. Within the city centre is the Galleria and on the right is a huge screen which at the time was playing Edward Scissorhands.

We made our way down a street and tried to find a restaurant as we were all so hungry. Considering we were in Italy why not have something authentic, so we found a nice Italian restaurant where I ordered a Calzone for 8 euro 50. I’m pretty used to ordering a dish and it coming out half the size I expected but when this came out I think i drooled over the table.The calzone was pretty much the size of an arm it was so big!

Opposite the restaurant was a 2 storey vintage store where everything was 50% off. It was very similar to Shag in quality, everything was really good and you could’ve easily walked away with hundreds of clothes. I really wanted to buy a trenchcoat but the problem with me is they’re either too large or too long and once again the trenchcoat hunt was a fail. However, I did walk away with a Lacoste jumper in my favourite blue.

By the time we finished (more like by the time I finished) we went to the tram stop to go to Evelyn’s. After about 30 minutes the tram still hadn’t come and we were getting impatient so we decided to do the 2km walk to Evelyn’s – wheeling our luggage on the cobble stone street! I guess you could say we took the scenic view, though the view was just apartments and alleyways. We finally got to Evelyn’s at 7:45. We were heading out again at 8 so we literally dropped our bags and headed out to have Aperitivo. How Aperitivo works is, inside the bar you purchase a drink and then help yourself to food at the end of the counter which is in the form of a mini buffet – really great value!

So good to see you Evelyn! I missed being able to talk English at a normal place, I’ve really slowed it down back in Austria ahah


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