Copenhagen Day 2

I woke up at about 10am the next morning to find Caroline already awake! She had come in at about 6 and had 4 hours sleep and woke up and looked so refreshed! The room was even nicer by day, as it had the whole wood+white walls interior.

We had a quick breakfast before I checked my luggage into the Fox Hotel as my room wasn’t ready. Then we made our way as a group to the Experimentarium which was a couple of stations away from the city centre.

We exited Hellerup station and as there was no signage,  exited to find .. suburbia. It didn’t look too promising but then discovered it was on the other exit and after seeing the sign were relieved we were on the right track.

The Experimentarium was similar to the Powerhouse Museum back in Sydney, but actually a lot closer to Questacon in Canberra – a fun/interactive science  museum. My battery died during the visit so I didn’t grab that many photos though my favourite game was this board which tested your memory. It was similar to go-go-stop where you had to memorise the path except there were 2 evil monster you couldn’t land on or you lost. I finished the 3 levels but Clemence couldn’t get past Easy

After a while Axel and I had finished seeing everything but Clemence and Kacper had only just finished the first level, so I decided to go to my hotel room and check in to see which room I got! I got back to the hotel to find I got my 2nd preference, Room 214 – The Fertility Room!

It was interesting when you exit the elevator and go past each room, on the door there is a little teaser for the theme of that room and beside it, a caption explaining the concept behind the room and who designed it.

After a bit of a misunderstanding in the afternoon meeting up with Axel and Caroline (it sucks not to have credit on my sim!) I ended up exploring the city by myself. Since, it was a Sunday and it is Europe nothing was open so I thought it was a good chance for me to really take in a little bit of Copenhagen and also do a lot of window shopping!

I then retreated back to my hotel room come night time, where I rested for a little bit before heading out for dinner. I was so excited to go to the sushi restaurant in the hotel but by 9PM it was already closed! I headed out into the city with no real direction of where I wanted to eat .. and if you know me, this is definitely not a healthy thing to do. I ended up spending about an hour walking around the city, changing my mind everytime I would almost commit to opening that restaurant door. I guess it was good because in a weird way, I ended up walking around the city and seeing Copenhagen by night.

The annoying part about all of this is I ended up at a cafe which was literally a block away from my hotel. So i ended up going on this huge aimless loop around this city only to return 1 minute away from my hotel! I ordered a chicken curry with rice and a mixed berry smoothie. I then realised, everytime I hit a bigger city I always somehow order Asian food! It’s probably because i’m so deprived of it back in Austria that I think I have to make use of my opportunities.


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