It was a strange feeling to be spending my birthday away from home, let alone on my 21st birthday. After my animation class I had arranged for everyone to come to the restaurant which sits at the top of the mountain in Dornbirn. I always see it outside my window, at night it’s the only light at the top of the mountain so I thought what better occasion to visit than on my birthday.

The cable car ride up was so beautiful, as you could see the whole of Dornbirn at the top! I also realised they seated us beside the window which was a great surprise. The food they served was delicious, i bought starters for everyone which was a plate of fresh pineapple, prawns and salad. I wanted to buy some champagne for everyone to drink but they didn’t have any so instead I was told by Isabel, one of the Spanish students that they had a really good Spanish red wine on the menu so I ordered that instead.

The wine was incredible! I ordered 4 bottles originally but ended up getting  more for the table it was so delicious! For mains I ordered a salmon steak because I’d been craving it for so long and did my stupid habit of over-ordering. I ordered 2 sides – pommes (fries) and potatoes with herbs. In hindsight, it was pretty stupid to order 2 potato sides but at least I was full at the end.

For desert I ordered some banana splits for the table and for myself, I ordered a chocolate souffle. To my surprise, when it came out they had stuck a 2 and 1 in party sparkler form and everyone sung Happy Birthday. I actually wasn’t expecting it at all but should’ve realised when everyone else had their dessert but me.

Then, everyone proceeded to give me their presents but they tricked me because they originally the group gave me a scarf only to reveal there were 3 more presents – a shirt, cardigan and huge card that everyone had signed. Needless to say, I felt very very spoiled!

After coming down from the restaurant and letting the food digest, we quickly drove back to the dorm to drop all the presents and change my clothes. We headed out to the local bar for birthday drinks where they surprised me again by getting the DJ to say Happy Birthday and playing ‘I Gotta Feeling’ which is pretty much the song we always hear when we go out. Overall, a truly memorable 21st!


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