One of the Austrians i had met over here, Julia was having a joint birthday party with 3 other people and told me to invite the rest of the Erasmus students. One of the French students, Amaury had his best friend over from France and when I came downstairs to head off to the party I found most of the guys already pretty drunk. We got to the party at around 11 ( even though it started at 8 ) and whilst I didn’t have much to drink at all during the night, the other guys got realllly drunk.

It was all normal until the guys unbuttoned their shirts and started to play with the eyeliner and lipstick from the girls, then the night really started as everyone become a lot rowdier.

I was leaving for Munich at 5 in the morning so unfortunately I ended up leaving at about 2am to get some rest – which didn’t even end up happening as I stayed up the whole night to watch Gossip Girl.


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