Munich Rd 2

I decided to tag along with the Spanish girls to Munich as Isabel was picking up her mother and uncle from the airport and to be honest there was a shirt from Cos i wanted to buy ahah.

As i told you before, I stayed up all night so on the train I was so tired. We had to change twice and on the second train it was so packed and loud that it was near impossible to get any sleep!

We finally arrived to the Hauptbahnof where I found a Starbucks and decided that we should all get coffee’s to pick us all up! We then made our way to the Airport platform and made the 1hr journey to the airport. After picking up Isabel’s mother and uncle we made our way back to the city centre where I played tour guide for the guys and showed them a quick tour of the city.

I took them down the main shopping street which led to the Marienplatz. Whilst they looked around the city, I did a bit of shopping but found my H&M online lusts were pretty shit in real life. I met up with the guys again and after hearing my stomach rumble decided it was a good time to grab some lunch.

I ended up taking them to the restaurant Jorg took us last time – that served Bavarian food. This time around the waitresses were a lot nicer (less Bavarian!)


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