House of Bols, Amsterdam

I visited the House of Bols whilst in Amsterdam which was pretty much a museum dedicated to the Bols alcohol brand. It was a really well designed museum, incorporating the 5 senses to make it more interactive for the visitor.

The first element was taste which had strips similar to those Listerine strips but flavoured in 2 alcohol flavours – strawberry and chocolate. For some reason I thought each time you picked up a strip it would be a different flavour, so I had about 5 chocolate strips in a row before realising it was all the same.

The second element was smell which had about 20 perfume bottles which you would spray and guess the flavour of alcohol. You then had to unfold the panel above the bottle to reveal the alcohol flavour. When you reach the tenth bottle it’s really hard to tell the difference so everything smelt like melon to me by that stage.

The third/fourth element was sight and sound which was a room which projected text and audio to emulate a club.

Finally, the museum ended with touch as you selected a cocktail from a touch screen which printed the recipe to be given to the bartender in the mirror bar. I chose the Vanilla/Strawberry cocktail only because I hadn’t tasted it before and felt like something fruity. From there you can sample as many of the flavours as you want but since I didn’t have breakfast, decided it was better not to as I would probably get drunk off 1 shot.


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