Ciutat De Les Arts I De Les Ciences, Valencia

Can you believe a place like this exists? My inner sci-fi nerd came out when I visited the ‘Ciutat De Les Arts I De Les Ciences’ (City of Arts and Sciences) which is this huge complex in Valencia. To be honest, I had no time to research what was in Valencia so to see this complex spontaneously was an incredibly great treat. The complex is divided into several buildings – an art museum, a 3d /imax theatre, an aquarium, a science museum and an opera. Meanwhile, in between all the buildings are beautiful trees, water and even a rooftop garden.


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  1. felicia

    i feel like such a stalker coz i just stumbeld across ur blog and started looking through all your fotos!! lol and theyre absolutely amazing!!!! i cant get over how many countries you’ve already visited! im SOO JELLY but im living viariously through ur fotos! HAHAH sad kid… i know!
    xxx felicia

    p.s. u take good fotoz!u must teach me how to do that one day! šŸ™‚

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