Alicante Day 1 – 08/05/2010

Originally there were meant to be 5 of us going to Alicante but 3 ended up bailing so me and Andre decided to go anyway. We left Dornbirn at 6am in the morning for the 1.5 hour train ride to Memmingen airport and as usual i used the opportunity to take a quick nap.

We were greeted at Alicante airport by Maria, one of the Spanish girls who’s also in Dornbirn but was back in her hometown to visit her family.

She brought us Jamon sandwiches which is the Spanish cured ham and were absolutely delicious!

Her friend drove us from the airport to the hotel we had booked. I wanted to relax and indulge so I decided to book a 5 star hotel in Alicante called ‘Hospes Amerigo’ which is featured on the Design Hotels website. It’s main selling point was that it was aimed at making you have the most comfortable sleep and my god, the bed was so luxurious. Everytime we lay down, we would fall asleep!

The rooftop pool

Overlooking the hotel courtyard

The rooftop view overlooking the rest of Alicante

We set out for the city, spending the day getting to know Alicante. We took a stroll along the promenade which reminded me a lot of LA – mainly because of the palm trees. We had lunch along the beach and saw people flying kites, rollerbladers and people playing volleyball. For me, it was so refreshing to see a glimpse of Summer again!

Enjoying some Sangria!


We then explored the city some more, visiting the Castle and spending some time at the top overlooking the city.

We returned back to the city centre when the sun was setting and took a stroll along the promenade which was just as beautiful in the night before returning back to the hotel where I took a long needed bath 🙂


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