So, I’m trying really hard to get the posts from Antwerp out because I’ve just stocked up on a lot of photos from Vienna. I was originally meant to stay in Vienna for 3 days and head to Salzburg for a short 2 day trip but I just fell in love with Vienna so decided to stay for 5 days instead. There was so much to do and so much to see! The city is filled with palaces and museums, gardens and gold architecture. After such a long period of travelling around Europe, cities can lose some of it’s appeal particularly when you’re going around the same region but I found Vienna really inspiring.

My itinerary is flashing a big fat ‘7’ – which means I only have 7 days left here in Europe.  I’m currently in Prague and will be here for another day before flying out to Paris for a 5-day tour which I’m really looking forward to. On the 28th, I will catch the train to London before hopefully flying out on the 29th. Not long now ! x


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