Twilight? My Mother Liked To Call It Midnight

I watched the new Harry Potter movie last night and can rightfully say, I walked away very impressed. Having grown up reading the books like many others there’s no real point talking about the story – though I have to admit that the scriptwriters did a great job adding comic relief throughout the film. One scene in particular was before the story of the Deathly Hallows was explained there was clever banter revolving around the ‘Twilight’ phenomena.

What really impressed me in the movie – although annoying as I HAD to notice it – were particular subtleties with regards to the production. I felt the movie was a lot more experimental – evident in the inclusion of a lot more handheld camera shots that worked well in creating a lot of tension. Also, the motion graphics sequence to explain the Deathly Hallows story was captivating and I’m sure the company commissioned would’ve really enjoyed creating it.

The locations they chose for the movie were out of this world. I guess it relied heavily on it as there were so many scenes they had to quickly apparate out of. The scene which really stood out for me though was when Harry and Hermione danced alone in the tent – as they were able to avert a possibly cliche and cheesy moment and turn it into something more natural – with Harry clearly being unable to dance. I was gritting my teeth at the start of that scene and felt it was going to let the whole film down but was very surprised that it played out so well.

Can’t wait for Pt. 2!

PS: I could not stop noticing how much of a babe Emma Watson was throughout the movie. Hermione certainly has to up there now as one of the greatest female characters – such a babe!


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