I finally got my roll of film developed from my Easter Weekend trip up to Northern Queensland. I decided to use a black & white roll for one of the days we were going up to Cape Tribulation and these were some of my favourite shots.

This was on the ferry crossing into Northern Queensland. Usually it’s something like $20 just to get on the ferry but they were letting everyone on for free because it was the long weekend.

It took us 2 tries to get up into Mossman Gorge. The first time there were too many cars so we turned around and decided to come back the following day. When we returned it wasn’t as busy but still filled with 4WDs trying to get into this spot.

When we got there, it made complete sense why everyone was trying to get to it because it was really beautiful. It reminded me of the river that ran behind our dormitory in Austria.

Sometimes my lomo likes to think it’s a Golden half.

Playing with Raffy!

I actually can’t remember where this was taken but I love that everytime I fly into Cairns I’m 100x more relaxed than when I’m in Sydney because it all looks like this.



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