Coffee Works

We stumbled upon Coffee Works on the drive back from Port Douglas to Cairns via the Tablelands. We went through the town of Mareeba (which was completely empty as it was the Easter long weekend) and kept seeing signs for this mysterious Coffee Works place that was supposedly the only thing open in town that day.

As it was close to lunch time and we were both starving, we decided a coffee and some snacks would be the perfect remedy. When we arrived we were greeted with something none of us even imagined – a “world-class” tourist attraction that was busy with people hurrying in and out with bags of coffee. We rushed inside and were greeted with a room decked out with free samples allowing visitors to try as much coffee, chocolate coated coffee beans, chocolate, tea and liqueur as possible.

After downing 5 or so shots of coffee we were approached by a worker who told us that we actually needed a ticket to be in the samples area and after handing over our $20 we went back to the room and stocked up on so much coffee and chocolate we were sick by the time we both got to Cairns.

There was a “Coffee museum” which was basically a shed filled with coffee machines and facts about the origins of coffee which was actually more scary than cool. I think if it was in a nicer building it would have been more enjoyable but I just couldn’t help feeling like I was in some horror movie set where the nightmare was about coffee.



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