When I was in London  late last year, I only had one place that needed to be  urgently crossed off my ‘places to visit list’ and that was to visit the LN-CC showroom. I had seen so many images of it’s infamous ‘hallway’ and decided that I needed to make the trek there to see it in person.

As LN-CC is an appointment-only store, I had to schedule a visit prior to leaving Sydney. Originally, I had scheduled it for the day of my arrival but quickly realised that jet lag and shopping would make for a terrible combination.

Instead, I ended up visiting on the 3rd day of my trip. Since I was staying in East London, the store actually ended up only being a couple of stations away.

I was absolutely mesmerised by the interior – in an area that looked quite dingy and rough on the outside, the store – by contrast, had the most amazing fitout. Don’t even get me started on the collection of clothes …. seeing Jil Sander, Balenciaga and Ann D all in the one store is so rare in Sydney so I pretty much went crazy on my shopping.



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