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Behind The Scenes – Bregenzer Festspiele

The final excursion for my ‘Models of Best Practice in Design’ subject which was in the Bregenz theatre which you may have already seen in my previous trip to Bregenz. We arrived a bit late to the excursion so only reached the second part of the tour.

Kunsthaus Bregenz

The second excursion was to the Kunsthaus Bregenz, which is the art gallery of Bregenz. This was really interesting because the exhibition running throughout the gallery focused on the idea of identity and in particular that of identical twins. All works on display were from the artist Candice Breitz.

1st level – Factum

Here Breitz shows dialogue of the twins filmed separate from each other, recounting stories of their lives.

This was about two sisters who both fell in love with the same girl.

This was about two sisters who struggled with their ethnicity (Italian) and also their religious paths – both shunning the Catholic church with one converting to become a Mormon and the other identifying herself as an Atheist.

This was of 3 identical triplets which is a rare thing to find talking about their lives as ‘models’

Level 2 – Her & Him

A really interesting idea! Here, Breitz takes 25 films done by Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson and creates a dialogue showing the commonality between the characters they’ve played in their films.

Level 3 – The Scripted Life

Breitz takes 4 identical twins who each have to act out a persona in a play. The twins are split so that there are essentially 2 performances – which are projected beside each other to show how each has acted differently to each other. The standout twins were the 2 nerdy boys below who were raised on the Upper East Side. In their pre-play interview they had me in stitches describing where they came from and how they’ve been raised. Here’s some great quotes –

‘Daddy was always passed out and if not that, always away on a “business trip”

‘Mum was ordered out of a catalogue’

‘I love working in Duane Reade.. mind you I only work for 2 hours but I love being there. Seeing the lowest and most pathetic people in New York City really makes me feel good about myself’

‘Does anyone even know anyone that lives in Brooklyn?’

‘We weren’t raised by our parents, we were raised by our Jamaican maid Shamalaya.’

‘Our birth was quite dramatic. My mother’s water broke on our daddy’s plane so she had to give birth in the air. Shamalaya delivered us to the world..Daddy was probably passed out again’

‘I’ve taken drugs in my life but our sister…she’s just fucked up….and bulimic’

Out & About – Bregenz

Some more great design found around the city of Bregenz.

I saw this graffiti around the town but the placement of this one on the road sign was interesting

I went past the gallery for Magazin4 and was really interested in what they did and then saw this poster for their current exhibition ‘Masque’

This is a poster advertising the Bregenz theatre.

And once again some more graffiti around the area. Of course I love Obama so it was good to see that someone here does too!

This was interesting because there were 2 stencils beside each other as well as the vines growing over the wall.

Door to Door – Bregenz

As mentioned in the Life In Austria section – Bregenz is very much a Medieval town and what was particularly interesting was the designs on the doors.

Even the wooden doors without any painting were interesting to see

I can’t remember exactly why they did this, but this was pretty much on every door in town.