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Pat & Holger’s Wedding, Cologne

Pat & Holger decided to have their wedding on the summer solstice and so chose the theme ‘Beach Party’. However, as we were soon to learn, summer in Europe isn’t exactly the same as it is in Sydney. We arrived in Cologne where the temperature sat at about 16 degrees all week and the sky was completely grey. The day of the wedding was overcast but they had a lovely little beach feature to remind the guests of the theme.

The highlight of the day was when all the guests received postcards attached to red balloons. Here we followed a German tradition where we wrote a present to be given to the couple and if the postcard was found and mailed back to Pat & Holger, they were ablee to claim the present.

It then occurred to me just how momentous the occasion was – we were all releasing balloons whilst ”99 Luftballoons” was playing on the loudspeakers, whilst also in Germany. Amazing.