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Natura: Mood Board

I have this project in my head that revolves around nature. I’m a step closer to tying it together as a piece of work but still far from completing it. The problem with it is I’ve completed parts of the work in different mediums and as a whole, there’s something missing from tying it all together as one.

Anyway, mood board time!

Valencia, Spain

What really captured me in Valencia was the street art in and around the city. We stayed in La Lonja which was the restaurant/clubs district where I found a lot of these shots. Particularly interesting, was the street art used to decorate the windows of the apartments.

I found this walking along the main park, this one in particular was underneath a bridge. I really liked this one.

This was the design of our hostel room which was a great touch to something we were only paying 15 euro a night for.