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The Music

You know that feeling of satisfaction you receive when you finally replenish your music collection with quality, fresh new music? Well, after a bit of a slump I’ve finally reached that stage again so I decided to share some of the music that’s been inspiring me as of late:

Frank Ocean – Lost

Kylie Minogue – Timebomb [Peter Rauhofer Remix]

Calvin Harris feat. Florence & The Machine – Sweet Nothing

Destiny’s Child – Say My Name [Cyril Hahn Remix]

Onuinu – Happy Home

Damien Rice – One

Paradis – La Ballade de Jim


Gabmantha Ronson x July 2011

31st July 2011

Washed Out – Good Luck

26th July 2011

Gym Class Heroes – Cookie Jar

25th July 2011

Seekae – Forest Fire

24th July 2011

OhLand – Perfection

21st July 2011

The Pierces – Space + Time

20th July 2011

Chemical Brothers – Don’t Think

19th July 2011

Bag Raiders – Sunlight

6th July 2011

Sum 41 – Pieces

5th July 2011

Bon Iver – Perth

4th July 2011

Spank Rock – What It Look Like

3rd July 2011

Lykke Li – I Know Places

1st July 2011

Alexander – Remember Our Heart

The Silence

I remember a conversation at a restaurant
with a friend of mine he’d a successful mind
and he told me of his life

and the plans he’d made to come this far
had gone so well and now we’re all so proud of him
and he told me how but i couldn’t bear to listen

’cause all my life i’ve heard of the dreams of the organized
to be the best in the company, to win the awards but that’s not me

’cause all my life all i ever wanted was a love that lasted longer than the silence

i had to say that i had to leave ’cause it was on my mind
that all he set in me was insecurity but that dream was never mine

’cause the plans i thought i’d made so far had gone alright
but all that i feel now is doubt
and he told me why but i couldn’t bear to listen


I got the VAST discography off my brother a long time ago and never really got around to listening to his albums. I remember initially liking some of the songs but came across ‘Flames’ last night watching SommerSturm and honestly, it’s been on repeat all day. So good.