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Time Capsule

The great thing about this exchange semester is that I’ve been able to execute some ideas which have been lingering in my head for the past year. One of my elective subjects here ‘Online Videos and Social Media’ requires us to produce 4 VBlogs as part of the assessment so I decided to create the first one as a time capsule for my time at a particular place, identifying it only by it’s geographical co-ordinates.

Out & About – Rolls Royce Museum

As random as seeing the Prada Marfa sign in my university, I also found out that my city has a Rolls Royce museum. “The journey is more important than the destination” reigned so true on this afternoon trip because it was closed by the time we got there. Instead of Rolls Royce cars I was left with photos of the scenery, which was truly breathtaking.

Dornbirn Design

This is the bus timetable which is up on transparent paper against the glass window

Graffiti around the town

The local brewery here is ‘Mohren’ and their logo features a black person with exaggerated features. I went on a tour to the brewery and someone brought up the relevance of the logo to the company and the tour guide didn’t really address it. I’m pretty sure there is definitely racial undertones and so seeing this sign outside the brewery with the sticker was very interesting.

When i first arrived my mouth almost fell to the floor when I saw this sign in the University foyer. I was in total disbelief that they would even have this sign!

MTV Cribs – Dornbirn

Come take a look inside where I’ll be living for the next couple of months 😉

My windowsill

My bed

Zak’s farewell present for me which sits just in front of my laptop 🙂

My wardrobe. As the exchange lady who picked me up said “Usually it’s only the girls who have as much luggage as you’re bringing”

My huge floorspace and kitchenette