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All good things must come to an end

I spent my last days in Dornbirn last week, fortunately able to catch some of the exchange students who were also hanging around till the end of our month’s rent. It’s unbelievable to think how quickly time has passed, I feel like it was only yesterday I was blogging about the snow in Austria and suddenly 5 months have passed and I’m making my way around during the European summer, trying to fit all the new clothes and items in less than 30kg for the journey back to Sydney.

I shared so many good memories with these guys, memories I probably won’t appreciate until 6 more months have passed. It was sad to let go of the people I had seen everyday for the past 6 months as we were now all scattered around the world again. I will miss them all so much but at the same time cannot wait to get back home.

Schiki-Miki Farewell Party

The university held a farewell party and as usual the erasmus students made the party insane. I’m going to miss these guys so much, so many good times although it would be the last time we were all going to be together! We ended up going back to the dorm at about 2am and hanging around till sunrise, when the guys living in the other dorm decided to go home.

Some of the group outside the university

Saku, Isabel and Me

The love triangle aka Me, Andre and Andrea

Me and Gabi!

Isabel and I

Group shots

River deep, mountain high

The sun is coming out to play in Dornbirn and when I got home from uni today i found a bunch of the guys sitting outside our dorm building having coffee and cookies on the ground. We decided to go for a nice afternoon walk along the river which is located beside our dorm which was really refreshing !

MultiCamera Broadcasting

One of my electives in Austria was the subject ‘”MultiCamera Broadcasting”, which was a very different type of elective to one I would be able to choose in UTS as it demonstrated the skills of directing and taking leads during live broadcast situations. We were taught how to work the cameras – zoom,pans etc: and all the different machines in the recording studio. For 2 days we worked as interns as part of a live broadcast of a seminar which was being held in the university.

Lindau By Night

We went to Lindau which is about 2 cities away (10 min train ride) and sits on the Bodensee (lake) that extends across Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It was Isabel’s birthday so we thought we’d take advantage of the 4 euro cocktails.

The group – (Isabel is the second from the bottom left doing the peace sign pose 🙂 )

‘Mama’ Maria – my mum away from home

Me stuck in between 2 couples

Ana Gabriela – aka ‘Gabi’ my new found hairdresser

The combover

Our little family , minus a few who couldn’t attend

Beautiful Lindau by night


In preparation for the European summer we decided to buy a grill so that we could have bbq’s. Today, since it was a really nice day in Dornbirn we decided to have a grill at the Sebastienstrasse dorm. It is so beautiful here when the sun comes out to play and when the mountains are covered in trees!

This is Mi-Hye, one of the Korean exchange students with the bbq at the front

A little insight into the common room – the girls playing Foosball and the guys watching Football on the tv

The yummy food!

Asian Market

A couple of months ago during the excursion to the Kosmos theater i was talking to an Austrian student about how there is no Asian food here. She then told me that there is an Asian market near Bregenz and i pretty much begged her to take me. Today, she finally took me and the quality and range was just as good as I’d find back in Chinatown. The only problem here is most shops hardy ever take card so since i only had about 7 euros I had to plan what I really wanted. I ended up walking away with Okra, some Filipino Kalamansi/Mango juice, spring roll wrappers and Instant Noodles – 1x Mi Goreng and 1x Pancit Canton. Yummy!

Apparently Luo Da Asia Markt translates into ‘Look there is an Asia Market’

And here’s me looking a little over-excited at all the Asian food..

Munich Rd 2

I decided to tag along with the Spanish girls to Munich as Isabel was picking up her mother and uncle from the airport and to be honest there was a shirt from Cos i wanted to buy ahah.

As i told you before, I stayed up all night so on the train I was so tired. We had to change twice and on the second train it was so packed and loud that it was near impossible to get any sleep!

We finally arrived to the Hauptbahnof where I found a Starbucks and decided that we should all get coffee’s to pick us all up! We then made our way to the Airport platform and made the 1hr journey to the airport. After picking up Isabel’s mother and uncle we made our way back to the city centre where I played tour guide for the guys and showed them a quick tour of the city.

I took them down the main shopping street which led to the Marienplatz. Whilst they looked around the city, I did a bit of shopping but found my H&M online lusts were pretty shit in real life. I met up with the guys again and after hearing my stomach rumble decided it was a good time to grab some lunch.

I ended up taking them to the restaurant Jorg took us last time – that served Bavarian food. This time around the waitresses were a lot nicer (less Bavarian!)