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AgIdeas NewStar

Last week I was contacted by AgIdeas who delivered the good news that my Trace project has been successfully shortlisted for the “2011 NewStar award”. From over 400 entries from around the world, the shortlist is made of the top 10 works across 3 categories – 2d, 3d and Multimedia.

As part of being shortlisted, It was announced this year that all projects will receive a 1 page feature in the AgIdeas 2011 catalogue. So, for the past week I’ve been trying to gather up all the collateral requested by the organisers – which has involved hero images, storyboards (which I had to completely redo as my originals were a joke) and development sketches.

If that wasn’t all exciting enough, they announced yesterday that the project will also feature as part of an exhibition at the Melbourne Museum! So, definitely a fun trip down to Melbourne in 2011 will be on the cards.

Anyway, here’s some of the concept drawings I’ve had to supply as part of the collateral.


UTS Design ’10 Graduate Exhibition

One week from now, I will be exhibiting my final project at the annual UTS 2010 Grad show. I’ve been working pretty hard to get all my stuff ready for the exhibition which has involved having to re-edit my animations, doing a print-run of over1500 postcards and organising the collateral to go with my exhibition space.

I’m really looking forward to the night and in particular showing off the project I spent so many hours completing over the past couple of months so it would mean a lot if you could all come check it out!

For a little teaser as to what to expect – Head over to the grad show website where you’ll be able to laugh at my headshot.


I love when your working on a project and suddenly, you can’t help but notice a particular idea exist in everything you see. While working on my fireworks scene I noticed 3 different film clips which had fireworks scenes of their own – granted, one is actually called firework.