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Milan Day 3

It was really slow to get the ball rolling today, I think we ended up leaving the house at 12 or 1pm in the afternoon missing the whole morning. The exchange guys decided they wanted to do some more sightseeing and left to check into their hostel (because Evelyn’s room-mates were coming back that night) I didn’t really feel the whole sightseeing thing in Milan, I really just wanted to soak it all up .. and of course shop.

Of course Sunday is completely dead in Europe, it’s a ghost town because mostly everything is closed. Hungry, i had a kebab for lunch before going to the Filipino shop. Like a little boy, memories of mum’s cooking back in Sydney flashed back in my head and I walked away with Halo-Halo mix, a jar of Ube and some meat marinade. We dropped it back off at the apartment and finally headed for the city centre again where we walked by foot and kind of just explored a little more.

Evelyn decided that we should take photos of me standing beside random objects so most of the day was in that type of theme. We returned back to the main shopping strip in Milan to try and find the Upside Viktor & Rolf store again (well also I was there to buy a Moschino shirt i saw elsewhere, but of course forgot all the stores were closed!)

After a lot of walking we were pretty hungry so we had aperitivo at this pastry shop (I was sold solely because their buffet included chicken wings!) where Evelyn ordered a ‘mistake’ as I like to call it, which is a favourite drink for the people in Milan. I … hated it because can’t take strong alcohol so I think i took about 2 sips before pushing it away.

We went back to Evelyn’s apartment where her roommates had started to return. I spent the night meeting them and talking to Lauren who I discovered also went to Oakhill.. I decided there was no way I was going to be able to wake up in the morning if i fell asleep, so decided to stay up till 6am for my train. It got to about 4am and I tricked myself into thinking a little nap on the couch would be OK .. I think you already know where this is headed.

I woke up at 6am, pretty much screamed FUCK to myself as my train leaving for the main station was at 6:05 and was still a couple of blocks away. As i realised i was never going to make it, decided to catch the 6:13am tram into the city centre and make my way from there. I got into the city centre at 6:30am (my train leaving for Austria was at 6:40am) and hailed down a cab to drive me to the main station. I ended up getting into the station at 6:45 so had literally missed it by 5 minutes. At this point, I was a bit shaken and then realised no other trains from this station went to Austria so had to go back to Centrale Milano to buy another ticket back to Austria via Zurich.

I got into a very empty Centrale Milano at 7am and found out the ticket office didn’t open till 9am, so went back to the station and fell asleep until 9. I then bought my ticket and waited another 2 hours for my train and finally made my way back to Austria!

Milan – Day 2

13th March 2010

We started the day by going shopping at the supermarket for some food because the guys offered to cook a Spanish dinner. Easter is huge at the moment and everywhere I’ve been there’s always huge eggs wrapped in the supermarket aisles.

We went back to Evelyn’s apartment and had some breakfast. One of the Spanish girls, Isabel had the most interesting breakfast. She offered it to me as chocolate in bread and i thought ok she means Nutella …. but she didn’t. She meant an ACTUAL block of chocolate….in bread! Apparently this is really common in Spain but honestly .. fucking weird ahah.

We then set off on our little expedition for the day. We took the tram to this really cool shopping district near Evelyn’s house and well.. if you can imagine a runner at the beginning of the race anticipating the gun, that was me waiting to get off the tram! Evelyn suggested for the others if they wanted to go on because we were probably going to go to a lot of stores so the rest of the group went and did their own thing as me and Evelyn shopped and caught up!

The first store we went to was the clog store Evelyn had found the previous week. The woman who owns the store makes the clogs herself and well I’m a sucker for anything handmade so I had to get a pair. I’ve been lusting after a pair of man-clogs for a while now so I was heaps happy to get them.

We continued shopping on this amazing street where I bought this amazing olive trenchcoat (which fit me perfectly!) from a vintage store for only 25 euros and found an Incu-like store where I bought a McQueen top. After coming out of a shoe store, we got stopped by these 2 girls who asked to take our picture for a book they were compiling about Milan street style. Evelyn then took me to a delicious gelato store called ‘Grom’ where I had a scoop of Bacio and Pistachio gelato (To this day I’m fairly sure it was the best Pistachio scoop I’ve ever had in my life)

Across the road is this little forum area where we sat down and had the gelato while people watching Milan.During this time I picked up 2 observations – 1) It is true, the men in Milan are generally impeccably dressed to the point that it’s SO intimidating and 2) There were a lot of people with piercings!

We continued along this amazing street but unfortunately since it was lunch time (when it is 1pm-3pm the store closes for lunch .. they dont have attendants to fill in for lunch breaks!) the Acne store was closed so that was a bit annoying but maybe for the best as I had already blown close about 180 euro.

We continued to explore the Milan and the little streets off the big streets. We found a vintage store that was still open during the lunch period though the stuff was expensive as it held designer name clothing. In one of the streets I saw these 3 kids playing which I thought was really cute.

At 3:30 we made our way to the Duomo to meet up with the guys again who had also been on a shopping splurge!

We finally headed inside the Galleria which just blew my mind. I really can’t get over just how good the architecture is over here! You really see the hundreds of years that’s been put into everything.

Evelyn told us that there’s this hole that people put the sole of their shoes in and spin around 3 times for good luck so I waited in line to do it. I don’t think people knew how to count because everyone else was only spinning around once?

Afterwards we split again as the others wanted to do their own thing so me and Evelyn went along the Duomo to the shopping street of the city (think Pitt St Mall but 10x more intense)

We then made our way to the MAJOR shopping street of the city (I know i’ve already said “shopping streets” 3 times now ..but this one was the say Castlereigh St of Milan with the high-end brands.) It was like being in a Chingy song “PRADA.GUCCI.TELL ME WHAT YA LIKE”

My favourite store by far was the Tom Ford store. The fitout was made to appear like an apartment which had at least 5 different levels. The whole time I imagined Chuck Bass would greet us on every level complete with bathrobe and cigar. We decided to take the elevator down which was dark to “set the mood.”

We spent at least an hour trying to find this upside down Viktor and Rolf store, going up and down the same street as we had the Street number but couldn’t find the store! Turns out it actually closed in 2008, hence the store actually didn’t exist.

Exhausted from all the walking we went back to Evelyn’s apartment where the 2 Spanish girls offered to cook dinner. Isabel made a tortilla which was different to how we understand it in Australia. The tortilla was more similar to a giant omelette with onions and potatoes – not like the wraps we know it as. Once again, it was delicious as are most of the things the Spanish guys make.

After dinner I took my clogs for a test ride (ahah) as Evelyn, Saku and I decided to get some crepes. Now, in hindsight wearing those clogs was a big mistake because we went into a part of Milan where the road was still cobble-stone so I was a bit shaky and I’m sure for onlookers, very entertaining to watch.

I ordered a nutella and banana crepe with of course, a scoop of Pistachio ice cream. After the delicious crepe we walked around the area a bit which was filled with people as it was a Saturday night and everyone was out.

On the way home Evelyn showed us this boat restaurant which was so funny because it was in the middle of the canal, but the canal had no water so it was just really odd.

Milan – Day

The beginning of this trip was full of dramas. When we went to the station to try and book the ticket we were served by a fucking rude attendant that kept telling us to buy this special 39 euro ticket. He then told us we couldn’t catch the train on the 12th because there was a strike. After explaining to him several times that I wanted to catch an earlier train through Zurich he told me it was more expensive and that I should just buy the 39 euro ticket. While deliberating what to do he then told the guy behind us to come to the counter and started serving him! W.T.F !

So we went back to the dorm and then after some browsing and with the help of google translator I found out the strike only started at 12 midday and if I caught the train through Zurich i could escape it as I would arrive at 10am. We returned (this time to be served by a different attendant) who clarified that we could travel on the 12th .. the strike warning just meant delays were to be expected. He even calculated the ticket to be cheaper than quoted by the original guy. I was so angry! I hate bad customer service.

Anyway I woke up at 5am (yes I did it! Actually the only reason i was able to woke up was my drive to watch the Lady Gaga Telephone video clip which just got released ahah) and made my way to the station with Saku. The other 3 guys were coming from the other dormitory so we waited for them. The morning was a bit crazy because we had to change about 3 trains with little time to spare. We finally got onto the last train from St. Gallen to Zurich which was going to take an hour. The train had a huge 10 minute delay which was bad for us because we only had 15 minutes till the train from Zurich left for Milan. We got off the train and bolted to the platform only to find the train had left! It’s so funny in these circumstances because you have to really stop and forget what happened and try to fix the problem. So we went to the information desk who told us we could just refund the ticket and get the next train – PHEW.

We finally left Zurich at around 11 and got into Milano Centrale Stazione at 3PM.

In awe of the station we finally headed outside to book our return ticket back to Austria (for some reason we couldn’t book it back in Dornbirn?) After we booked our ticket’s we took the subway into the Duomo which Adrian had researched was the city centre of Milan and from there Evelyn told us to catch a tram which took us to her place.

The Duomo is pretty much this HUGE cathedral in the centre of the city which is absolutely beautiful. Within the city centre is the Galleria and on the right is a huge screen which at the time was playing Edward Scissorhands.

We made our way down a street and tried to find a restaurant as we were all so hungry. Considering we were in Italy why not have something authentic, so we found a nice Italian restaurant where I ordered a Calzone for 8 euro 50. I’m pretty used to ordering a dish and it coming out half the size I expected but when this came out I think i drooled over the table.The calzone was pretty much the size of an arm it was so big!

Opposite the restaurant was a 2 storey vintage store where everything was 50% off. It was very similar to Shag in quality, everything was really good and you could’ve easily walked away with hundreds of clothes. I really wanted to buy a trenchcoat but the problem with me is they’re either too large or too long and once again the trenchcoat hunt was a fail. However, I did walk away with a Lacoste jumper in my favourite blue.

By the time we finished (more like by the time I finished) we went to the tram stop to go to Evelyn’s. After about 30 minutes the tram still hadn’t come and we were getting impatient so we decided to do the 2km walk to Evelyn’s – wheeling our luggage on the cobble stone street! I guess you could say we took the scenic view, though the view was just apartments and alleyways. We finally got to Evelyn’s at 7:45. We were heading out again at 8 so we literally dropped our bags and headed out to have Aperitivo. How Aperitivo works is, inside the bar you purchase a drink and then help yourself to food at the end of the counter which is in the form of a mini buffet – really great value!

So good to see you Evelyn! I missed being able to talk English at a normal place, I’ve really slowed it down back in Austria ahah