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Audi A1

A really interesting campaign from Audi which was positioned in between Terminal 1 and 2 in Munich Airport. It was advertising their newest model – the compact Audi and juxtaposed it with a lot of large scale objects.


Munich Rd 2

I decided to tag along with the Spanish girls to Munich as Isabel was picking up her mother and uncle from the airport and to be honest there was a shirt from Cos i wanted to buy ahah.

As i told you before, I stayed up all night so on the train I was so tired. We had to change twice and on the second train it was so packed and loud that it was near impossible to get any sleep!

We finally arrived to the Hauptbahnof where I found a Starbucks and decided that we should all get coffee’s to pick us all up! We then made our way to the Airport platform and made the 1hr journey to the airport. After picking up Isabel’s mother and uncle we made our way back to the city centre where I played tour guide for the guys and showed them a quick tour of the city.

I took them down the main shopping street which led to the Marienplatz. Whilst they looked around the city, I did a bit of shopping but found my H&M online lusts were pretty shit in real life. I met up with the guys again and after hearing my stomach rumble decided it was a good time to grab some lunch.

I ended up taking them to the restaurant Jorg took us last time – that served Bavarian food. This time around the waitresses were a lot nicer (less Bavarian!)

Pinakothek der Moderne

Giant wall on the first level exploring the similarities between the design of the product and it’s influences from the natural world.

A history of objects throughout the 20th century – showing the evolution of product design.

A huge pulley mechanism that displayed a range of items on rotation – once again about the evolution of the design of that particular product. I think this one was themed around cycling ?

This was similar to the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the MCA in Sydney where the green was room from the lights. But when you looked out to the normal rooms they looked red because of the colour.

Out & About – Munich

What’s exciting about exploring new cities for me is in the midst of trying to locate exactly where you are on a map and trying to absorb the whole atmosphere of that city in, I also have to juggle being on the lookout for works which really make that city unique and inspire me. So, sometimes you have to do a double take because you’ve completely overlooked something that deserves your  attention and makes you go ‘wow’

(Rug) München pt. 2

Today we set off in 2 groups – 3 of the boys went to see the BMW museum in the north part of Munich while me and Ana went to the 2 art museums in Munich. Personally, I don’t really care that much for cars and because there are 3 art museums in Munich all beside each other I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do all 3 so I wanted to do as many of them as I could. Unlike yesterday, Munich suddenly turned very dark and cold.

We finally arrived at the Pinakothek der Moderne (which houses the Modern Art) which we were actually first introduced to by our German language teacher. He pretty much suggested for us to go to Munich in the first place because of his visit to this museum.

The museum was really interesting and I think the highlight was seeing a high school art class sitting in front of some of the paintings and sketching them (because we used to do that in high school too!) We got a message from the boys saying they wouldn’t finish at 2:30 so we decided to head over to the Alte Pinakothek (Housing Renaissance/Medieval artworks) to fill in the time.

We were pretty hungry so we decided to have lunch in the cafe. I was really surprised because they didnt’ accept credit cards which was really weird so Ana lent me money and I had a chocolate tart and darjeeling tea.

We entered the gallery to see a huuge staircase to lead into the works

The works were really nice and we had an audio guide to give us a description of the work which was a good change from the modern museum because the captions were in German. So, if you could imagine Modern art is abstract enough .. not being able to read what it’s about is a nightmare. It reached 2:30 and I was so tired from the day already to the point that while I was sitting in front of the works listening to the audio guide I started to fall asleep whilst reclining on the sofas ahah.

We left the gallery to find the boys but couldn’t find them so decided to head back into the city where Ana went back to the hostel to sleep and I wandered around by myself. I really wanted to explore the gay/lesbian/young area of Munich and got a bit lost trying to find it. However, I did come across some really cool book shops which had a great collection of design books.

I finally ventured back to the hostel where Adrian told us his friend Tanja who lives in Munich was going to join us for dinner. I suggested we had Thai after i found a really good Thai place and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

I was so excited to have Thai again!  They didn’t have Pad Thai (I know) so I ordered some noodles which pretty much were the equivalent. I also got Mango Lassi which was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! It really made me home sick and sad that when I went back to Dornbirn I wouldn’t be able to have anything like this (because all we have are Italian and Austrian restaurants!)

We then headed out to the area Tanja works in which would be the equivalent to Surry Hills/Darlinghurst in Sydney. She works as an Interior Designer in an Architecture firm and was telling me how she’s been working on a lookbook for her company for an upcoming Design festival in Milan.

After 2 failed attempts to get into bars (one was closed, the other was too full) we finally found a really nice bar where I ordered a Cider and we all relaxed for the last night in Munich. Here, we were served by the most orgasmic waitress who was a mix between Keira Knightley and Shane from the L Word. I’m pretty sure I was salivating.

I had to catch a train back the next morning at 6:51 and by the time we got back to the hostel it was near midnight. I woke up at 6:30am the next morning (thank god i bought the ticket the night before) and ran to the train station to just get onto the train back to Austria.

The carriage on this train was different than the other trains I’ve caught so far. I had my own compartment with a door and 6 seats to myself. Here’s me looking a little worse for wear but it was like 6:50 in the morning so give me a break! 😉

(Rug) München pt. 1

Sorry for the long delay I’ve been back at Uni this week so my Munich update is long delayed! On Monday I went to Munich with 4 other exchange students via train. There is a special ticket which allows up to 5 people to travel within Bavaria for only 28 euro, which meant each person only paid 5.60 euro to go to Munich which was so cheap!

We caught the train from Lindau and hopped on a the 8.41 train although I knew we weren’t allowed to travel until 9am because the ticket is only valid from 9. I had scheduled for us to catch the 9:41 train but we thought the earlier we got to Munich the better and it’d only be 20 minutes so technically we would be on the train at 9 anyway. How wrong we were! We got pulled up by the ticket inspector at 9am who told us we had been travelling without a ticket for 20 minutes and so we needed to either purchase a 7 euro ticket from Lindau to the current station or be fined 40 euro each (because he was so nice he gave us the first option) Of course i didn’t really care, 15 euro for a ticke to Munich is nothing so i just paid it and went back to sleep.

We arrived into Munich at 11:41am at the Central station and then went to find our hostel which was only a block away from the station. We were told the room wasn’t ready so we set out to the city for some lunch. We found a German bakery which sold delicious bread and arrived to the city centre which was beautiful!

From the city centre we walked down the street which would be similar to Pitt St Mall as it had shops on either side of the street. It hit in that we were back in a “real city” and so we just went into every store and as you do, went crazy inside H&M. Although, it’s really weird here because there are at least 6 H&M’s within the same block!

Whilst waiting for Ana who was shopping the women’s H&M we went to the Cathedral which was located beside it.

We then went back into H&M where i bought a backpack on sale for 5 Euro (Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been into H&M here without buying something it’s just too cheap!) We finally reached Marienplatz which was this huge Gothic building at the centre of the city. I was pretty much in awe of the architecture because it was just so huge and beautiful!

We then headed down towards the art and theatre museum of Munich which was interesting because in the centre was a huge statue but then you had BMW’s, Porsche’s and Mercedes Benz’ coming from the art gallery carpark as well as skaters so it was an interesting mix of people. The art gallery was being renovated but had a huuuge facade over it.

We finally reached our destination of the day – the grand palaces of Munich and my god there was another Cathedral which was just absolutely breathtaking!

Exhausted from the day’s trip, we finally returned back to the hostel at 4:30pm (we caught the train back..there was no way we were walking all the way back!) The hostel – 4YOU Munich- was actually pretty good! The sheets were made from organic virgin wool and the hostel is meant to be very eco-friendly but yes a very good first hostel experience for me and it was only 19 Euro per night.

We then set out for the city again for dinner where we were meeting one of Andre’s friends who studies in Munich Jorg.

He took us out to a typical Bavarian restaurant so we were all pretty excited to have some local cuisine. I started the night ordering a Vanilla Beer (which was delicious!) and ordered a dish which had a sausage, pork, a kanoodle and sauerkraut  … so essentially my entire dish tasted like meat ahah