Category: Design

Audi A1

A really interesting campaign from Audi which was positioned in between Terminal 1 and 2 in Munich Airport. It was advertising their newest model – the compact Audi and juxtaposed it with a lot of large scale objects.


Pinakothek der Moderne

Giant wall on the first level exploring the similarities between the design of the product and it’s influences from the natural world.

A history of objects throughout the 20th century – showing the evolution of product design.

A huge pulley mechanism that displayed a range of items on rotation – once again about the evolution of the design of that particular product. I think this one was themed around cycling ?

This was similar to the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the MCA in Sydney where the green was room from the lights. But when you looked out to the normal rooms they looked red because of the colour.

Out & About – Munich

What’s exciting about exploring new cities for me is in the midst of trying to locate exactly where you are on a map and trying to absorb the whole atmosphere of that city in, I also have to juggle being on the lookout for works which really make that city unique and inspire me. So, sometimes you have to do a double take because you’ve completely overlooked something that deserves your ¬†attention and makes you go ‘wow’