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Visions of Paradise

So I’ve realised that working full time makes you constantly daydream of where you’d rather be. It’s been 2 months now since my last voyage, which is making me increasingly itchy to pack up and leave again soon.

In The Mood: Interiors

Lately I’ve been busy moving which is a far greater process than I originally thought. In between moving things from the old apartment into the new apartment, cleaning the old apartment, updating my addresses and redecorating the new apartment I haven’t had much time to do anything else.

I have been accumulating a library of images of interiors that I like as inspiration for my new apartment.

Vang Vieng

When i travel i usually hate going on any path that has backpackers, tourists or westerners. I hate the idea of being just “another traveller” (of course, the irony is i am one of them anyway.) When i found out about Vang Vieng though, this all changed.