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Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

It was ironic for me to visit the Porsche museum whilst in Stuttgart because i’m not the biggest fan of cars, sorry. However i was a very big fan of this museum. Needless to say, the cars were absolutely beautiful but even more amazing was the design and layout of the museum. So i’ve decided to list 10 great things about the museum

01. ceiling of the main foyer

02. gift shop wall

03. waste disposal

04. signs and symbols

05. seats

06. video projection

07. car sculpture

08. trophy wall

09. pods to emulate the sound of each car

10. quote


The Race To Stuttgart – 3rd April

I posted an invitation to my fellow exchange students to come with me to Stuttgart to see Breakbot and Busy P play. I’ve been obsessed with Breakbot since January and when I found out he was playing nearby i thought it was a great reason to see him play as well as see the city of Stuttgart. The group who ended up going included me, Maria, Ana Gabriela, Pierre and Amaury. Lucky for us Pierre brought his car to Austria so he offered to drive us there and back.

We headed out at about 11:30 in the morning making a quick stop at a rest station halfway there because the girls needed to go to the toilet. One thing i’ve learnt whilst being here is that you can always rely on Spanish girls to have plenty of food so whilst deliberating on going to a restaurant a couple of kilometres away, they told us they had brought a whole bag of food which included sandwiches with Spanish ham, chips and tatziki dip.

For most of the way we were all asleep but finally got into a rainy Stuttgart at 2:30pm. The first thing I noticed was that Stuttgart was filled with grape vineyards in the mountains, which was really interesting to see. We checked into our cosy hotel which ended up being such great value for money! For 20 euros each we got 2 hotel rooms, which is the same price you would pay for a hostel elsewhere. The great touch was instead of mints on the pillow we got Haribo candy, so good.

After a welcome toast, we headed for the city centre which was a 10 minute train ride. I had one particular motive for Stuttgart – to go to Cos and buy the black boots I’ve been drooling over for 2 months. We arrived in the city centre which was filled with people! The first thing i noticed was that the demographics of Stuttgart was vastly different to any Cetral European city i’ve been to so far. There were a lot of Turkish/Middle Eastern people in Stuttgart, outnumbering any actual Germans! We stopped over at a gelato stand which was selling a scoop for 1 euro and of course I had to have Pistachio flavoured gelato (I’m so addicted)

I finally found Cos but didn’t end up buying the shoes again, I can’t force myself to take it to the register but instead bought some other clothes – a jumper which I was so close to buying in Copenhagen but luckily for me, I didn’t because it was 50% off in Stuttgart. We then had another food break – I bought a Nutella and Banana crepe with some San Pellegrino. It was so weird when I ordered the drink because the waiter had to explain it was mineral water, as if to think I had never heard of it before?

We spent the rest of the afternoon finding 2 things – plastic forks and chicken. The forks were for the salad the girls had made and the chicken was…well to satisfy my cravings but also a good suggestion to accompany the salad. We spent about 2 hours running around the city and finally found real forks at a Chinese dollar shop (it’s so strange we went into every supermarket and they didn’t have plastic forks!)

I thought we found Chickens at a Chinese restaurant but it turned out to be duck and the fast food restaurant next door were selling chicken wings at 3 euro for 6 pieces, outraged at the price we just abandoned ship and decided to eat at the hotel restaurant. On the way back to the hotel, we found this magic chicken van on our street and almost screamed to see the chickens rotating on the stick! Of course the meal was absolutely delicious because we were all so hungry!

By that stage we had about 3 hours until the concert so the others slept while I just relaxed by the window. It was a really nice view particularly when the lights on the street came on. Everyone awoke at about 10pm where we started drinking to get in the mood. Stupidly, i had bought some Coffee liqueur which I had downed really quickly in the form of shots. It all went to my head so I was really drunk before we even left. The event was amazing! The Germans really knew how to party because the entire club was so full. Breakbot ended with ‘Manhattan Skyline’ which made me want to cry.

By 3am we were all really tired so decided to leave, we got a little bit lost at the main station trying to find the night bus depot and gave up trying to find it. It was really funny because there was a drunk/homeless guy at the station who would yell out ‘9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB’ everytime someone walked past. We went to the platform and waited an hour and a half for the train to arrive before stumbling back to our hotel room in the freezing cold. A really great night and good way to start birthday celebrations!