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Follow Your Heart. Trust Your Judgement. Do It With Joy

So proclaims the motto that drives Koskela – an incredible Australian company who’s Rosebery showroom officially launched last month to a stellar crowd.

I was fortunate enough to be approached by Koskela’s creative director Pat to help in producing a series of videos that would be played on the launch night –  encapsulating the journey that had been undertaken in launching such an impressive space.

One of the perks of the job was having a lunch ‘meeting’ in the restaurant attached to the showroom – ‘Kitchen by Mike’ which is currently receiving rave reviews all round for it’s delicious food and concept (trust me you WANT to go here ASAP. I highly recommend the almond croissant!)

It was an absolute honour to be apart of a project like this – where I was able to witness first hand the passion the owners Russel and Sasha breathed in order to bring what they loved to the public.

What Pat wanted to achieve with the video was a tongue-in-cheek visual that would allow guests to go through the journey – highlighting the blood,sweat and tears that was invested in delivering the final product.

Personally, it was really interesting working on this project because it came exactly at a period when I was getting a lot of advice from friends myself to return to creating projects in the hand craft aesthetic I seem to have developed.

I was really fortunate in this case that Pat knew and loved the works I had already created in that style so it was great to work  alongside someone on the same wavelength. Pat’s final cut of the video was exceptional, the imagery was just perfect to the text that accompanied it.

Anyway, enjoy the final videos and be sure to pop down to the showroom yourself if you get the chance.

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3



So, I’m trying really hard to get the posts from Antwerp out because I’ve just stocked up on a lot of photos from Vienna. I was originally meant to stay in Vienna for 3 days and head to Salzburg for a short 2 day trip but I just fell in love with Vienna so decided to stay for 5 days instead. There was so much to do and so much to see! The city is filled with palaces and museums, gardens and gold architecture. After such a long period of travelling around Europe, cities can lose some of it’s appeal particularly when you’re going around the same region but I found Vienna really inspiring.

My itinerary is flashing a big fat ‘7’ – which means I only have 7 days left here in Europe.  I’m currently in Prague and will be here for another day before flying out to Paris for a 5-day tour which I’m really looking forward to. On the 28th, I will catch the train to London before hopefully flying out on the 29th. Not long now ! x

Wrapping Up

I’ve been so lazy with this blog lately! Amidst all the travelling and wrapping up university for the semester it’s been hard to squeeze in blog posts so I’ve tried to do more photo blog posts rather than the long text ones I used to do. So, an update into my life – I have one week left for my exchange semester and it’s really amazing to think about how fast time has gone. I’ve began to pack my suitcase with little success, realising i’ve almost doubled my luggage!

Next Thursday is my final presentation for the animation project that I’ve been working on all semester. I got news last week that the Festival are really interested in using the animation and want to show it during the festival which is another great portfolio builder for me.

Travel plans – I was meant to go to Vienna and Salzburg this weekend but unfortunately that won’t be the case. I begin a 2 week adventure around Europe next Friday though making pit stops in Munich, London, Bergerac, Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges.

The next series of posts will be from my Cologne/Berlin trip which I’m excited to put up! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend as much time as I’d liked in Berlin, though the time spent was really great so can’t wait to share some of the snaps with you.


So i’ve finally updated you with my life from the past couple of weeks! There is still the Amsterdam post pending but I’m waiting to develop my roll of film before I can do that.

Some changes to the blog – I’ve moved my European trip posts from the ‘Life in Austria’ section to be stand alone posts on the main page. So to access them just use the Categories navigation on the right. I did this because it’s easier for me to post the travel updates on the front page but also, I wanted to use the Life In Austria page to concentrate more specifically on my student life here and to share my observations and experiences related to the exchange.


Two months ago I visited my aunty for the first time in London, as she has been living here for almost 15 years. Originally i had scheduled my visit for 2011, and then this exchange opportunity came along and so I was able to visit her this year instead, spending a week hearing about her life here in London. Today, I arrived at London 3 months earlier than I originally planned and 2 hours too late, as my aunty passed away today at 12:15 midday. I had been dreading seeing her the whole way back to London and didn’t know how I would cope with seeing her lying in her bed. She died with a smile on her face, which I found comforting.