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The Bund, Shanghai

Sometimes while browsing through the internet or reading a magazine you’ll come across a photo and be absolutely mesmerized by it. This is exactly how I felt when I came across the skyline of The Bund in Shanghai and I knew that it was somewhere that I needed to go and see for myself in the flesh.


City Life, Vivid Sydney 2012

I thought I’d end my Vivid Sydney posts for the year with snaps of my favourite artwork from the festival – the ‘City Life’ projection on Customs House created by The Electric Canvas.

A ‘city within a city’ was projected onto the sandstone exterior of Customs House, illustrating different aspects of City Life – the morning rush, the public transport, the weather, the streets and buildings.
Personally, I thought the large scale projection was a definite standout in this year’s Vivid Festival, the theme of the animations resonating so fittingly against the backdrop of the city behind it. Definitely looking forward to what will be on show next year.

In The Mood: Interiors

Lately I’ve been busy moving which is a far greater process than I originally thought. In between moving things from the old apartment into the new apartment, cleaning the old apartment, updating my addresses and redecorating the new apartment I haven’t had much time to do anything else.

I have been accumulating a library of images of interiors that I like as inspiration for my new apartment.